Who Did Eminem Just Sign?

who did eminem just sign

Last week, Eminem and Shady Records announced the latest addition to the label, 25-year-old rapper Ez Mil. In conjunction with Shady, the Filipino-American rapper also signed with Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment and their distributor, Interscope Records.

Ez Mil’s Musical Journey

Ez Mil, a 25-year-old rapper, hails from Olongapo, Philippines, where he was born and raised. He embarked on his music journey, gaining widespread recognition and viral success in 2020. It was his debut album “Act 1” that introduced him to the world, and his song “Panalo (Trap CariƱosa)” became a hit, captivating audiences with its infectious energy and unique blend of English and Tagalog lyrics.

Ez Mil’s music style is a true reflection of his Filipino pride, seamlessly weaving between languages and cultures. With each verse, he showcases his exceptional skills as a lyricist, captivating listeners with his storytelling abilities and undeniable passion for music.

In 2022, Ez Mil solidified his presence with the release of his highly anticipated album “DU4LI7Y.” This major label debut continued to showcase his versatility and artistry, pushing boundaries with tracks like “Up Down (Step & Walk).” The song caught the attention of fans and industry insiders alike, further propelling Ez Mil into the spotlight.

The signing with Shady Records, Aftermath Entertainment, and Interscope Records is a significant milestone in Ez Mil’s career. It represents the recognition and support he has received from powerhouse figures in the music industry. With their backing and guidance, Ez Mil is poised to leave an indelible mark on the hip-hop landscape.

The Eminem and Dr. Dre Co-Sign

Eminem and Dr. Dre, two hip-hop legends, were both blown away by Ez Mil’s music. The talented rapper caught Eminem’s attention when he shared a Twitter post featuring Ez Mil’s video for “Up Down (Step & Walk).” Eminem couldn’t help but express his praise for Ez Mil’s undeniable talent. In a press release, Eminem revealed that both he and Dr. Dre recognized something special in Ez Mil’s music and wasted no time in signing him on the spot.

This co-sign from Eminem and Dr. Dre means everything for Ez Mil’s career. It’s not every day that these iconic artists lend their support and endorsement to an up-and-coming talent. Their decision to back Ez Mil speaks volumes about his potential as a lyricist and the impact he is capable of making in the industry.

With the combined influence and expertise of Eminem and Dr. Dre, Ez Mil’s future is undoubtedly bright. In the same way they have nurtured and propelled the careers of countless artists before him, they are sure to guide Ez Mil as he reaches new heights in his musical journey. This co-sign not only validates Ez Mil’s talent but also opens up doors to opportunities that he could have only dreamt of.

eminem and dr dre co-sign

Ez Mil’s Upcoming Projects

Exciting things are on the horizon for Ez Mil as he prepares to release his highly-anticipated new album. Following his signing with Shady, Aftermath, and Interscope, Ez Mil recently announced that he will be dropping a deluxe edition of his album “DU4LI7Y” titled “DU4LI7Y: REDUX”. This deluxe edition will feature additional tracks and exclusive content, showcasing Ez Mil’s artistic growth and versatility.

One of the most highly-anticipated collaborations on the album is with none other than the legendary Eminem. The track titled “Realest” brings together two generational talents in a musical masterpiece that is sure to captivate listeners. This collaboration with Slim Shady is a significant milestone for Ez Mil and a testament to his lyrical prowess and creative vision.

As a gifted artist mentored by Eminem and Dr. Dre, Ez Mil’s upcoming projects are set to make waves in the music industry. With their guidance and support, Ez Mil is poised to solidify his position as one of the most promising rising stars in the hip-hop scene.

ez mil's upcoming projects

The deluxe edition of “DU4LI7Y: REDUX” is scheduled to be released on August 11, and fans cannot contain their excitement for this monumental moment in Ez Mil’s career. This final release under the Virgin Music label is expected to be a game-changer, showcasing Ez Mil’s unique blend of musical styles and solidifying his place in the industry as a force to be reckoned with.

Stay tuned for more updates on Ez Mil’s upcoming projects and be sure to mark your calendars for the release of “DU4LI7Y: REDUX” on August 11. It’s time to witness the rise of a true musical prodigy and experience the future of hip-hop.

The Future of Ez Mil’s Career

The signing with Shady, Aftermath, and Interscope has opened up new opportunities for Ez Mil’s career. With the support and guidance of Eminem and Dr. Dre, he has the potential to make a significant impact on the hip-hop scene.

Ez Mil’s unique musical style, combined with his representation of his Filipino roots, sets him apart from other artists. His ability to switch between English and Tagalog in his raps showcases his versatility and cultural pride.

As he prepares for the release of “DU4LI7Y: REDUX,” fans can expect to see more of Ez Mil’s talent on display. Collaborating with Eminem on the track “Realest” is a testament to his rising prominence in the industry. With the powerful backing of Shady Records, Aftermath, and Interscope, Ez Mil is embarking on an exciting journey ahead.


Who did Eminem just sign?

Eminem recently signed Filipino-American rapper Ez Mil to his record label, Shady Records, as well as Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment and Interscope Records.

How does Ez Mil represent his Filipino roots in his music?

Ez Mil incorporates elements of Filipino culture and language into his music, seamlessly switching between English and Tagalog in his raps.

What did Eminem and Dr. Dre say about Ez Mil’s music?

Both Eminem and Dr. Dre were impressed by Ez Mil’s talent and recognized his music as something special. Eminem notably shared Ez Mil’s video on Twitter and praised him.

What upcoming project does Ez Mil have?

Ez Mil will be releasing a deluxe edition of his album “DU4LI7Y” titled “DU4LI7Y: REDUX,” which features a collaboration with Eminem on the track “Realest.”

What is the significance of Ez Mil’s signing with Shady and Aftermath?

The signing with Shady, Aftermath, and Interscope opens up new opportunities for Ez Mil’s career and provides him with the support and guidance of hip-hop legends Eminem and Dr. Dre.

What can fans expect from Ez Mil in the future?

With the backing of Eminem and Dr. Dre, Ez Mil is poised to make a significant impact on the hip-hop scene and continue representing his Filipino roots in his music.

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